Empty Light #193

Empty Light began as an idea, while sitting on a beach watching waves in 2011. The final piece was completed in 2017.

The actual painting took a lot less than six years to make. But I do like to think about things for quite a while. Especially if it involves a beach.

The process began with the challenge of blending data and landscape painting into a single object.

Here are three paintings which probably shouldn’t ever be placed on a single line together : Joseph Turner, Georges Seurat and David Hockney.

I stole little ideas from each one while developing this piece. Gritty, foggy realism, fun, colourful pointalist technique and landscape cubism.

(I know the last one isn’t a painting. But it fits with the thought process)

Initial sketch, around 2015

I eventually got a bit bored of pretty natural beaches and came back to the city.

Nothing quite like the haze of diesel fumes and a wet, grey London day to get the artistic juices flowing.

Base of the piece in the studio,  cut and painted with lots of subtle blue greys and grays.