Masterplan #10The human zoo was originally called “masterplan #10”. It takes me a while to understand exactly what a piece is about and articulate the thought properly.TOAF_2016_ (9)It was always about an imaginary place like any other: prospected, surveyed and cut up into parts which can be measured, managed and sold.CfeFCmZWsAA_Kb0Just like the reality we live inside, the colour, texture and complexity of the piece spiral inwards, always focused on a centre which does not exist.TOAF_2016_ (6)The piece wraps around its own edges, becoming impossible to frame. This is important!

I don’t like frames. CfrlxsoW4AAb9OJIt needs a wall, or a full room, to itself. The room is the frame.TOAF_2016_ (5)

TOAF_2016_ (8)