The piece is called “Masterplan #127” and yes, it is all about code!

I make this series of paintings because they say something real and amazingly beautiful about cities and suburbs (the spaces we live inside) which are fundamentally pieces of complex code these days.

Even really traditional looking estates or classical style buildings are just a thin facade, hiding complex programmatic systems. I love really busy, chaotic city spaces which seem like complete anarchy at first glance, but always make a lot of sense over time.

For me, these pieces are abstract, modern landscape paintings which capture the experience of living inside urban machinery. I make them by using code to generate dynamic spirals which are chopped into segments of layered patterns. There is an obvious logic to each piece and they look regular in some ways, but there isn’t a singe element which repeats in the whole canvas!


Here’s a nice detail shot of the piece. It really is a relief sculpture!


The piece on show at “The Other ART Fair” in the Truman Brewery.


And here’s the parting shot… number 127 boxed up in the studio and ready to be¬†shipped off to California.

After about three years of painful, unsuccessful attempts at wrapping and protecting art using cardboard and bubble wrap, it was suggested that I just build a crate and screw the painting into the frame! Absolute genius! the piece stays perfectly still and is protected by solid wood on all sides. Since the crate is square it doesn’t roll away, which really helps. And it is about 100% easier to make. Sometimes the simple solutions are the last ones you try.


Photo of the work-in-progress. The colours tend to change as the piece slowly “finds” itself in the studio.

I’m now waiting for a final photo from the happy owners to finish this page…