Patterns inspire me, they are the background, the fabric and the landscape in which we live.
thumb - 01Patterns record the authentic process of thinking and making embedded into every object we create. Weaves of thread in cloth, the repeated laying of bricks in a wall or a single pixel are the result of knowledge, craft and industry.
t1Complex patterns inside nature  are dynamic blueprints, which move data across space and time.l1A landscape of buildings, streets and pavements remember interests and politics of people now long gone.
Studio_ (13)Beneath a world of spectacle and distraction, patterns are quiet and can be barely noticeable.
thumb - 02
I use patterns to create art. I allow form and meaning to emerge from complex layers of data. Every piece I make is based on experience, memory, research and interpretation. The challenge in every piece is to expose the beauty and meaning inside.
Studio - Vaughn